So what exactly is the pro am system?

Imagine that you always had the dream of learning to dance, but unfortunately not a dance partner who could join you.  

From today on, with the Pro-Am system you have found what you been looking for!

This method defines a dance partnership between a Professional dancer, obviously the teacher, and the Amateur dancer, in this case the student.

One thing is sure: dancing with a professional dancer allows you to live an excellent educational experience without having to go desperately looking for a partner, it allows you to learn your favorite dances faster, from Cha-Cha-Cha to Paso-Doble, from Swing to the Jive passing through the Tango, the Fox-Trot and many others, leaving your soul free to express itself through one of the most loved art forms:  the dance.

Thanks to the talent shows as “Dancing with the Stars” and “Strictly Come Dancing”, ballroom dancing has become incredibly popular in recent years, bringing many people closer to ballroom clubs and dance events.

For the Professional dancers it is really joyful to see their amateur students reach their set goals, however big or small they may be, because  bringing light into someone’s life, in this world, is priceless.